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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2018 1:00am-1:03am CEST

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my choice is this card because given their way toward transmitted terms. and i. did have you. on. the f.b.i. has warned people in the us to be vigilant as it hunts for the sender of a series of explosives mailed to prominent trump critics including top democrats usually like hillary clinton and barack obama as well as the news network c.n.n. and actor robert de niro none of the packages exploded. for the first time in history ethiopia is to have a female president lawmakers unanimously voted to appoint career diplomat sally
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work zuda to the mainly ceremonial post she was previously the un's top official at the african union. at least eighteen jordanian students and teachers on a school trip have been killed in a flash flood near the dead sea. more than thirty were rescued but others from the group are still missing. ukrainian filmmaker alec sense of has won this year's account of prize awarded by the european parliament it honors groups or individuals who fight for human rights the kremlin critic previously staged a one hundred forty five day hunger strike in protest at russia's human rights record sense of were sentenced to twenty years in prison following russia's annexation of crimea.
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investor eyes are on earnings yet again u.s. electric car maker tesla joins a raft of companies posting excellent third quarter figures but is that enough to move wall street. spanish taxi drivers save or victory as lawmakers that have maximum limit to the number of ride sharing licenses. and a tech summit where you'd least expect it in the smaller capital mogadishu. and can the philippines save its most popular tourist destination from tarus themselves. i'm stephen beardsley in berlin thanks for joining us wall street did well today after stocks took a hammering yesterday positive earnings reports are driving the trading including from tesla which is back in the black for the first time in two years the production ramp up for its model three saw the u.s. electric car maker post a net profit of three hundred eleven million dollars in the last quarter calling shareholders nerves production of the ma.


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